This creates a neatly trimmed neckline

sewing blusas We will show you step by step how you can easily frame your neckline. – Many a sewer is already desperate for him: the neckline. It should look as clean and accurate as possible, because the cut-out is very much in view when you look at the wearer – mistakes and mistakes quickly become apparent. While as a beginner you usually fall back on the popular so-called lazy neck cuffs, the desire also matures with increasing experience

Do you want to start sewing and are not sure what you need? Here is a shopping list for beginners, no frills, but with the absolutely necessary. You can make big changes in your home with different do-it-yourself projects. Now you won't believe what you can do with your ropes and things you don't use! Choose what you want right away for different knitting projects that you can easily do! Hello, … #braucsh

More professional sewing with the sewing machine. With the overlock foot for the sewing machine and the overlock stitch you get a nice and flat seam. Overlock sewing machine is not always necessary.

Everything you need to know to sew corners. How to sew hem corners or corners sewn with bias tape and cut seam allowances at corners.

Shirt sewed in one hour, DIY for those in a hurry #sew # sew #sewing pattern shirt

Sewing basket – Instructions • Bad luck & sulfur

Freebook "Lady Rockers" ladies top

Dress sewing pattern sizes 34 – 44

"Lazy" cuffs are ends that look like you have sewn on a cuff. They are really sewn in no time and you no longer have to dig around in the cuff box for hours …

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